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Image by Max Kleinen
Image by Max Kleinen


Hey, welcome to Eleven Tapas Bar – where good vibes meet great grub in a chill, rustic hangout that's totally anti-formal. We're not your grandma's eatery; we're all about bringing folks together, whether you're rolling deep with your squad or just vibing solo.


Imagine an atmosphere that's as chill as your favorite playlist, with colors that pop and a street-style menu where everything's a cool $11 – because why not?


Our deal is simple: kick back, relax, and enjoy epic tapas style eats without the fuss. No fancy-schmancy vibes here; just good times and even better food without the uptight rules. If that means digging in with your bare hands, go for it!


So, toss that phone aside and dive into the joy of awesome food, killer drinks, and banter that's as bloody good as our bites. We're not just a tapas joint; we're your escape from the boring stuff, a spot where you can savor every moment and just be your awesome self.


Cheers to unforgettable hangs and tasty memories at Eleven Tapas Bar!

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